Fall 2021 Issue

There was an Accident

and I drew graffiti on the windscreen with blood / etched out catacombs on the rear mirror/ stuffed pieces of broken glass into my mouth / because the tongue is a lubricant for spare parts / and spare could mean ‘broken’ or ‘barely survived’ / and the throat is an alcove for bruised lungs, torn limbs / and any other organ that wants to stay hidden / I watched my shadow puncture its flesh with shards / until it bled colors / say, I’m a testament of broken rainbows / a unique shade of grief / the day before yesterday / I slipped into black / and tattooed my dead parents on my skin /say, I planted their bones in a pen / and harvested them on my arm with ink / yesterday, I slipped into ash / wore a robe of embers / and did a grave dance in the bedroom / I swirled slowly / the way / a head swirls on a slit neck / but today / I slip into gold / I reach out to hope / grab its slippery fingers / draw it in a hug / until we choke on each other’s scent / until I slip into white / the unstained color of happiness.

Overcomer Ibiteye

Overcomer Ibiteye is a Nigerian poet and writer. She is also an alumnus of the SprinNG Writing Fellowship. Her works have appeared in the Shuzia magazine, Litfest anthology and other anthologies. She was also shortlisted for the African Writers Awards 2021.

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